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    CGDB 1.0 (Circadian Gene DataBase) is a comprehensive database which includes 72,800 genes from more than 148 organisms. In this database, we not only manually collected experimentally verified genes with rhythmic expression, but also performed ortholog search to identify potential circadian control genes for 148 eukaryotic species including 68 animals (Ensembl), 39 plants (EnsemblPlants) and 41 fungi (EnsemblFungi).
    Here we provide two approaches for users to browse the database: (i) By species; (ii) By external condition. Species browse allows users to select an interesting animal, plant or fungus, and the classification information of this species will be presented after click the link. When browsing by external condition, users can choose a specific external condition plus timepoint and get the information of all experimentally verified circadian genes in all species. The annotation information of each gene will be presented in the final webpage.

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